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Our five promises

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[3] Flex and Rigid-Flex
[4] PCBA in-house
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Five products by DME USA INC.

1. Rigid circuit boards

These are printed circuit boards made of FR4, IMS material, Rogers material or similar. The rigid printed circuit board is the basis of almost every electronic device and therefore also our core competence.

2. Flex circuit boards

These are used as soon as mechanical permanent loads such as bends act on the circuit board, e.g. in printer heads. There are various options for material, thickness and designs. It is also possible at various points reinforcements, so-called Stiffener, incorporate, which usually strengthen the plug connections.

3. Rigid-flex circuit boards

Rigid-flex circuit boards are used where there are problems with case size and connections. They are a mixture of printed circuit boards and connectors and thus optimally utilize the available installation space.

4. SMD templates

SMD stencils, also called solder paste or adhesive stencils, are required for SMT assembly. They allow solder paste or glue to be applied to the circuit board.

5. Assembly and component procurement

A printed circuit board is only the basis of an electronic assembly. The application and soldering of the components happens during assembly. Also the component procurement can be taken over during the process or it will be processed provided components. The equipment also includes optional Fuknrionstest and an ESD-compliant packaging of the modules.