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Conflict minerals - Dodd-Frank-Act

The company 5pcb.de GmbH explained associated with the Global Compact initiative of the United Nations. We strongly welcome the statutory legal ways to prevent the illegal trade in the "conflict minerals" from the crisis area of the Republic of Congo and neighboring states in crisis.
Of the U.S. federal government in the Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and customer protection Act in Sect 1502 (called as Dodd-Frank-Act) defined substances "conflict minerals" called (coltan, gold, wolframite, cassiterite and derived materials), 5pcb.de GmbH buys components with tin, gold and copper.
For this reason, we have asked our suppliers to provide us with additional information about the origin of the materials and materials provided by you.
So far we have no evidence that our products substances of "conflict minerals" may be included. We refer, according to our present knowledge, all materials from America, Russia, Europe and Asia.