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Our five promises

[1] High Quality, Low Prices
[2] Directly from Shenzhen/China
[3] Flex and Rigid-Flex
[4] PCBA in-house
[5] Instant quotes online

Do you need PCBs with lowest price and of the highest quality?

Then you are exactly right with us!

We offer standard FR4 circuit boards, Tg130-170, IMS aluminum core circuit boards and other special materials such as ROGERS, ARLON or whatever you need, from one piece to mass production. Various surfaces such as HAL LF and ENIG, different material thicknesses and special options such as deep milling, edge metallization or gold-plated plug contacts are standard for us.

Of course, an electrical test is included in all printed circuit boards!
All printed circuit boards are controlled both electrically and optically according to IPC standards, thus ensuring the highest quality for you as a customer. Upon request, you will also receive the test reports and soldering tests for your order.

From the simple design to the HDI multilayer we can support you in your projects. We check your data for manufacturability and help you with technical support with questions or requests.

We are happy to prepare an individual offer for your project.

CMS Frog

From this information we will create the best possible offer for you.

Test us and see our highest quality with the lowest prices!