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Our five promises

[1] High Quality, Low Prices
[2] Directly from Shenzhen/China
[3] Flex and Rigid-Flex
[4] PCBA in-house
[5] Instant quotes online

Company profile


Company Profile

Founded in 2006, DME is an international company specializing in providing a complete supply chain of PCB design, PCB production and PCB assembly. We have serviced more than 1000 clients worldwide. We have many PCB suppliers in China and overseas, which can provide various solutions for PCB, FPC, Rigid-flex PCB or PCBA products.

DME is a bridge between Southeast Asia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the West. We provide reliable services and shortcut your search for a potential partners. We sweat the details via on-site audits and combine the leverage of all our client, to make things easier and life better.

We have established a quick response mechanism for orders, which clearly identifies the whole production line of urgent orders, and chesed up by specialist. Orders are always under effective control from receipt to delivery, to ensure on-time delivery. We have the confidence and ability to provide customers with high qulified products and fast services. Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to negotiate business and create a better future.

dmeusa.pcbprices.com is an online PCB supply chain quotation system, a platform connecting customers with PCB manufacturers or traders. We provide a free PCB calculator and ordering system for customers. Regular rigid, flexible PCBs, PCBAs and stencils can be quoted and ordered online. When you enter basic PCB information, you can see the prices of several suppliers, and choose one of the supplier's price to place an order, but you will not trade with them directly, nor will you be harassed by the supplier. All order products were shipped by the supplier to Shenzhen Dameng Electronics Co., Ltd., inspected by professionals and re-printed labels and packaging for shipment. It can ensure that more than 99.5% of the products' board size, board thickness will not be out of tolerance  and no appearance problems,etc. All shipments are provided with cross-section slices and outgoing reports after rechecking. Our service fee is included in the supplier's price and you don't need to pay extra. If you need any support, please contact us via email: usa@dmele.com.Thanks.