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Our five promises

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[3] Flex and Rigid-Flex
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Rigid-flex boards with FR4 and Polyimid

We are happy to prepare an individual offer for your project.

Just write an email to usa@dmele.com with the following information about your rigid-flex printed circuit boards porject:

- Your design as layout data or in gerber format

- Desired PCB specifications:

  • size
  • material (FR4 (Tg130-170) and Aluminium-based Polyimid)
  • Number of layers (flex and rigid area)
  • Single piece or panel
  • total thickness
  • copper thickness
  • soldermask colour
  • silkscreen
  • surface
  • other special requirements

also your wishes for quantity and delivery time.

From this information we will create the best possible offer for you!